What side is your appendix on

It has a length of around 11 cm and a measurement of 7-8 mm (normal). The longest appendix ever expelled measured 26 cm from a patient in Zagreb, Croatia. Do you want to know what side is your appendix on; it is situated at the right lower abdomen. In spite of the fact that it was accepted to be a pointless part of the digestive framework, it is presently realised that it assumes a part in shielding the body from contamination since it contains cells with invulnerable capacity.


  • The regular signs and indications of a ruptured appendix include:
  • Stomach torment that starts close to the navel and later confines at the right lower belly
  • Torment turns out to be sharp in character following a few hours
  • Stomach delicacy when weight is connected to the right lower belly
  • A sharp agony felt when the right lower mid-region is squeezed and immediately discharged. This is called bounce back delicacy
  • Hacking, strolling and different developments build the torment
  • Stomach swelling
  • Loss of hankering
  • Queasiness and spewing
  • Poor quality fever
  • Powerlessness to pass gas

Causes of the Appendix

A ruptured appendix might be identified with:

  • An intense impediment in the opening of the appendix, which may comprise of sustenance or faecal matter
  • An intense disease, for example, a gastrointestinal viral contamination or different sorts of intense aggravation

In either case, microorganisms found inside your appendix can duplicate quickly, prompting aggravation and swelling. These can bring about a burst of the appendix if not quickly treated.


Genuine complications can happen when intense an infected appendix is not treated. This include:

  • Break of the appendix, prompting spillage of intestinal substance into the stomach hole and bringing about peritonitis (contamination of the stomach cavity).
  • Stomach sore, which results from the arrangement of a pocket of discharge around your appendix. The sore could tear and cause an across the board contamination in the stomach cavity.

Medical treatments for a person with appendix


Surgical evacuation of the appendix (appendectomy) might be performed either as an open stomach entry point (5-10 cm) or through a laparoscopic cut (1-2 cm) utilising uncommon gadgets joined to a camcorder. Open surgery is frequently demonstrated for cracked appendix and cleaning of the stomach hole while laparoscopic appendectomy is accomplished for uncomplicated a ruptured appendix. Laparoscopy results in quicker recuperating and shorter healing facility sit tight.

You are required to stay in the healing centre maybe a couple of days after your appendectomy surgery.

For cracked appendix, specialists must deplete the ulcer utilising a tube put through the skin into the stomach area. Appendectomy is performed weeks after the fact when the contamination is controlled.

Medicines to be used

Anti-toxins and torment prescriptions to control inconvenience after appendectomy are endorsed.

Reciprocal and option treatment can likewise control side effects, including listening to music and guided symbolism to take your psyche off the torment.

It doesn’t matter what side is the appendix on , call the specialist on the off-chance that you require more agony control or have these signs.

  • Uncontrolled spewing
  • Expanded torment and redness in your entry point
  • Expanded torment in your stomach area
  • Tipsiness/sentiments of faintness
  • Fever
  • Blood in your pee or regurgitation
  • Discharge in the injury.

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