Tesco Launches Temple Street Bouquet

Tesco Launches Temple Street Bouquet

As I unwrapped this gorgeous bouquet of pink roses from Tesco , I thought to my self – ‘I don’t think I’ve ever received 24 long stemmed roses before’ – and what a showstopper of a bouquet they are! They’d actually arrived the day before so I was a bit worried they may have not lasted over night without having been put in a vase, however when we got them out of the box they were pretty lovely and had a fantastic wet material base which had kept them hydrated.

According to the 2008 report, ‘ Lake Naivasha: Withering Under the Assault of International Flower Vendors ,’ by Food & Water Watch and the Council of Canadians, the flower industry is so important to the Kenyan economy that in the face of such instability the army and police put most of their resources into guarding flower shipments instead of local people – so that the Valentine’s Day delivery could reach European buyers in time.tesco flowers

I think it would be great if we all performed an act of kindness as often as we can, whether it’s helping a friend decorate, passing on items we don’t need, baking a cake and sharing it with neighbours or giving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to someone special!

To send flowers online need no longer seem impersonal as their highly skilled and talented London florists fully understand every occasion on which to send flowers, from Happy Birthday Flowers” in London to new baby flowers in London, Interflora London florist delivered flowers are hand-prepared and hand-delivered by experienced local London florists.

The guilt dates back to revelations about shocking conditions in the cut flower industry in Africa and Latin America – workers’ health ruined by pesticides on intensive farms, women forced to stand in cold packing sheds snipping blooms for up to 18 hours at a time to meet western demand in peak periods, when everyone must have the exactly the same floral tribute on exactly the same day.

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