Tesco Launches Temple Street Bouquet

Tesco Launches Temple Street Bouquet

Sending flowers by post is a wonderful way to surprise someone you care about. And if you’re thinking of laying on a Sunday roast the supermarket is also inviting customers to take advantage of a special offer of a £5 roast meal ‘bundle’ – made up of a 1.5kg chicken and a 3.5kg bag of vegetables on sale from now until midnight on Mother’s Day.

The weather had been terrible for the whole of April and the beginning of May, so the ceremony area in the garden could not be set up until the morning as the threat of rain was always close by. The boys set up the alter the chairs and the flowers and did a fantastic job!

They’d actually arrived the day before so I was a bit worried they may have not lasted over night without having been put in a vase, however when we got them out of the box they were pretty lovely and had a fantastic wet material base which had kept them hydrated.tesco flowers

Tesco Flowers have asked me to nominate a person who I would like to send flowers to from their on line floral delivery service Well, I have to say that this was an easy decision because there is only one person who I would love to choose and that is my lovely Mum.

According to the 2008 report, ‘ Lake Naivasha: Withering Under the Assault of International Flower Vendors ,’ by Food & Water Watch and the Council of Canadians, the flower industry is so important to the Kenyan economy that in the face of such instability the army and police put most of their resources into guarding flower shipments instead of local people – so that the Valentine’s Day delivery could reach European buyers in time.

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