Best Essential Oils To Help Sooth Teeth And Gums

Best Essential Oils To Help Sooth Teeth And Gums

I absolutely adore babies – which is probably good since I had 5 of my own. The author of this post, Lea Harris, is a certified clinical aromatherapist who offers thoughtful, well-researched, and unbiased information about essential oils on her site Learning About Essential Oils She is not affiliated with any essential oil brand or company, and she’s generously agreed to create this series of posts for us Food Renegades to help educate us about essential oil safety.

 It doesn’t taste essential oils for teething very nice and can be a little warm in the mouth, my son doesn’t like the taste of it at all, but its effective at numbing the area and he will often go back to sleep after an application. I also use Hylands teething gel and Panaway oil.

Never diffuse wintergreen, peppermint or eucalyptus around infants or children under the age of 10. Even without toxicity findings, young children can experience unknown allergies or contact sensitivities to oils that could result in hives, rash or respiratory complications.

I’ve not used it yet, but I’ll definitely try it when I need it. All of these small companies vary in price, but they all go to great lengths to source high-quality oils that are produced properly, they all have testing done on their oils that you can request copies of, and they are committed to keeping their prices low by not paying for crazy insurance and having distributors to compensate.

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